Legal Consulting

Here at Management & Bookkeeping Services, we can provide businesses of all sizes, whether big or small, with professional Estonia company law services. Our Estonia company law services can be of great benefit to businesses that are just starting out due to the number of legal hurdles they'll most likely have to face as they try to establish themselves within their first year of operation. We can help them by not only compiling the documentation needed to create a new business, but also in providing overall support in all future activities. The following are some of the legal counseling services we provide:

Company Law

  • We can assist you with reducing and increasing share capital
  • We can assist you with increasing negative share capital
  • We can provide professional counseling in regards to the obligations and responsibilities of your company's management, including compiling all necessary contracts for your management body.
  • We can help you to maintain statutory registers as well as help compile protocols.
  • We can compile all necessary documents required for board meetings and general meetings and can help keep minutes during these meetings.
  • We can submit all necessary notifications, forms, declarations, reports and decisions in order to be published to the Business Register.
  • We can help liquidate private limited companies.

Labour Law

  • We can draw up employment contracts for both executives and employees.
  • We can assist with contract restriction clauses and we can answer any questions in regards to confidentiality and the prohibition on competition once employment is terminated.
  • We can provide counseling concerning labour law to non-residents. Additionally, we can also help with social security planning and tax planning for international executives.
  • We can assist with the management of taxes, social security and benefits.
  • We can assist with the termination of employment contracts and with redundancy.
  • We can help solve labour disputes.

 Bankruptcy Law

  • We can assist in postponing company debts.
  • We can assist in compiling bankruptcy cautions as well as bankruptcy petitions.
  • We can provide counseling for obligees and obligors prior to and during bankruptcy proceedings.

Contract Law

  • We can assist with lease contracts, commercial lease contracts, contracts of loan for use and loan agreements.
  • We can assist with transfer deeds, including barter agreements and contracts for sale.
  • We can assist with contracts of provision of service, including contracts for board members, contracts for services and authorisation agreements.
  • We can assist with both contracts of suretyship and letters of guarantee.